10 Cubic Yard Dumpster
10 Cubic Yard Switchout

16 Cubic Yard Dumpster
16 Cubic Yard Switchout

3-Day Rental
3-Day Rental

3-Day Rental
3-Day Rental
With multiple dumpster jobs - fill the first dumpster in the 3-day rental period, get $20.00 off the second, third, etc...

Extra Days (past 3 days) $5.00 ea. day

Note: outside Franklin Co. prices vary by mileage

Tires / Propane Tanks

off rim (car)
on rim (car)
off rim (large truck)
on rim (large truck)
Propane Tanks
$5.00 ea.
$8.00 ea.
$25.00 ea.
$35.00 ea.
$25.00 ea.


Call for current pricing. Proper shipment records mst be strictly adhered to.

Concrete, Asphault, Dirt

We generally do not haul these, but in small quantities it is possible. Call with cubic yards or measurements