Waste Disposal Education F.A.Q.

What can go in the dumpster?
Construction loads - Anything from the building or demolishing of a structure. * construction waste only *
Household load - Anything but hazardous materials, liquids

How full can I fill it?
All the way to the top. Level witht he sides. We must be able to tarp the load

What don't you haul?
Hazardous cargo, liquids (paint, thinners, etc.). See www.swaco.org for drop-off locations. See asbestos on pricing page.

What if I have tires?
We can haul tires, although there is an extra charge. Just keep them on top and separate. See tire pricing on the pricing page.

Disposal Guide

C&D Landfill

Anything from the building or demolition of a structure. Examples are lumber, drywall, plumbing, electrical, concrete, brick, insulation etc. No household trash of any kind. No yard waste. Certified asbestos loads only in certain cells. Charged by cubic yardage.

Sanitary Landfill

Almost anything can be dumped here, with a few exceptions. No yard waste. No liquuids. No hazardous materials (propane cylinders, flammables, corrosives). Tires and appliances may be dumped for an additional fee. Chared by weight.

Yard Waste

All natural materials only, with the exception of paper yard waste bags. Anything that grows naturally. You can't even have a candy bar wrapper mixed in. Free to the general public, contractors charged by weight.